Grand Canyon Trips

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November 2007 - Hermit Boucher Loop

img_0602.jpg (89363 bytes) Six day down Hermit up Boucher

October 2006 - Tanner Trail to Unkar Overlook

img_5899.jpg (119160 bytes) Six day hike to Unkar

October 2005 - North Rim to South Rim

IMG_5359.jpg (101623 bytes) Rim to Rim and Cremation

April 2004 - South Kaibab to Hermit 

img_4704.jpg (84129 bytes) Five day trek over the Tonto

October 2003 - Grandview Point to South Kaibab 

img_4168.jpg (29877 bytes) Four day trek over the Tonto

April 2002 - Tanner and Escalante to Unkar

Picture 033.jpg (13742 bytes) Did you really believe us when we said we would not do the Tanner again?

May 2001 - South Canyon

GC1FA16A.jpg (69935 bytes) This North Rim route takes you to a nice beach, with access to Vasey's Paradise, Stanton's Cave and Anasazi ruins.

October 2000 - Dripping Springs Day Hike

Hermit7a.jpg (73095 bytes) This pleasant, six hour round trip, day hike is a good introduction to backcountry hiking.

April/May 2000 - Tanner, Escalante Route to 75 Mile

GCA0E17.jpg (72158 bytes) With this trip, we completed our last unhiked section between the Little Colorado River and the Grandview Trail.

April 1999 - New Hance, Escalante, Tonto, Horseshoe Mesa and Grandview 

This was the first loop hike we have done, starting down the New Hance Trail, and returning on the Grandview Trail.

May 1998 - Tanner, Beamer, Little Colorado and Escalante

If at first you don't succeed..... This time, with more tolerable weather and a good plan, we did reach the Little Colorado River.

September 1997 - Tanner, Beamer

Our first attempt at reaching the confluence of the Little Colorado River was not successful due to the 105 degree weather and 60+ pound packs. 

May 1996 - Colorado River, Bright Angel Trail

Rafting Trip from Lees Ferry to Phantom Ranch - This white water rafting trip got us hooked on the inner canyon. We just had to return on foot to see some more. September of the following year, we did.



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