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 Through this web page, Kathy and I will share with you some of our Grand Canyon backcountry adventures. Over the past few years, we have strived to improve our equipment and menu with the goal of reducing our pack weights, and at the same time extending the length of our treks. From our first six day hike with 64 pound packs, we have now extended our trips to nine days and still managed to reduce our pack weights to below 50 pounds each (30-32 pounds without the water). We will share our equipment lists and food preparation methods with you on this site, as well as provide photos from our trips.

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This site will continue to evolve. Please stop in periodically to check out what is new, and feel free to send your questions and comments, pro or con, to comments@rijim.com, or leave a comment in our Guest Book.


Jim and Kathy Lyons



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