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The following links to an Excel 97 workbook with four worksheets detailing the food, menu and equipment we took on this trip. There is also one worksheet with profile information on the Tanner Trail. Kathy's pack, minus water, beer and eight eggs, weighed in just shy of 30 pounds. My pack, less water and two small Gaz fuel canisters, was just about 32 pounds. We initially carried 16 liters (about 35 pounds) of water, caching 6 liters above the Redwall for a dry camp on the way out. We also dry camped above the Redwall on the way down.

The following trip plan includes menu and equipment lists:

Excel 97 Trip Plan 

Zipped Excel 97 Trip Plan

HTML Trip Plan

Note that we take a minimum of clothing to keep pack weight down, and wash our clothes in the Colorado River as required instead of carting around a lot of dirty laundry.


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   Pictures detailing some of our food preparation methods are located here.


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   Equipment description and pictures are here.




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