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Jim and Kathy


dscn3067.jpg (87303 bytes) Rhode Island Tides 13 Nationals Photo Page

DSCN2640.jpg (127826 bytes) Arizona 2005 Trip

570011710_08.jpg (20237 bytes) The Emma Rose page

img_3363.jpg (66775 bytes) NH Condo

mike23.jpg (58075 bytes) In memory of Mike, the Doctor" Gonsalves

img_2756.jpg (51277 bytes) Christmas 2002 in Johnston

img_2749.jpg (41106 bytes) Christmas 2002 in Greenville

img_2674.jpg (81255 bytes) Bob's 2002 Xmas Party

Sarah, Steve and Sebastian

img_2025.jpg (137679 bytes) Fallen oak tree at Grandma's. Pics are HERE!

img_2016.jpg (62011 bytes) Pierre's visit to Greenville. Pics are HERE!

Picture 012.jpg (44617 bytes) Trip to Dalhousie, New Brunswick pictures are HERE!

ALFC_Picture 008.jpg (95244 bytes) Amanda's First Communion Pictures are HERE!

Bob's 2001 Christmas Party Pictures are HERE!

Party020.jpg (78105 bytes) Walter's 80th Birthday Celebration Pictures HERE!

Group.jpg (89949 bytes) The Services Team (minus 1)

AK1HA23.jpg (63122 bytes) Alaska, 2001 trip pictures HERE!

Alex and Kids web.jpg (40964 bytes) Alex, Nicole and Angel

Homenick Relatives from Poland are HERE!

Zal1a.jpg (32517 bytes) The Z's at home and at Disney - CLICK HERE!

014_10A.jpg (39632 bytes) Halloween, birthday and Christmas 2000 pictures are  HERE!

004_4_1.jpg (34199 bytes) For a link to Meri's and Andy's wedding pics by Anne King - CLICK HERE!

p32.jpg (123490 bytes)  For a link to Meri's and Andy's wedding pics by Anthony Rocchio - CLICK HERE!

Kids3.JPG (228189 bytes)  Merideth, Patty and Jimmy at Patty's surprise birthday party. June 2000.

Amanda3.jpg (509703 bytes)  Amanda.  2000.

Homenick LR.jpg (47459 bytes)  August, 1959 Homenick Group Photo in Vermont


  Bob's and Willie's Wedding

Oct49_3.jpg (115586 bytes)    Oct49_2.jpg (93532 bytes)    Oct49_5.jpg (108479 bytes)    Oct49_1.jpg (104865 bytes)    Oct49_4.jpg (86787 bytes)    Oct49_6.jpg (79034 bytes)


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Link to Kristen's wedding album

Link to October 2001 album

Link to St. Adalbert Halloween party album



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